Salesforce Development

Apex + LWC + Integration + OmniStudio

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Apex Programming

  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Apex Class & Methods
  • Data Types
  • Collection: List, Set, Map
  • Apex Trigger
  • Apex Test Class
  • Asynchronous Apex
  • 50+ Scenarios Hands-on
  • Project Implementation

Lightning Web Components

  • Set SFDX, VSCode and Create First LWC
  • Migrate markup, CSS, JS from Aura to LWC
  • Create Lightning Web Components
  • HTML Templates, CSS, Composition, Fields, Properties and Attributes, JavaScript, Component Accessibility
  • Lifecycle Hooks
  • Communicate with Events (Standard and Custom)
  • Work with Salesforce Data
  • Lighting Data Service
  • Work with Records Using Base Components
  • Use the Wire Service to Get Data
  • Call Apex Methods
  • Use Components in Salesforce Targets
  • Lightning-record-form, Lightning-record-view-form and Lightning-record-edit-form
  • Build a Custom UI to create record
  • Wire Apex Methods
  • Lightning Message Service
  • 50+ Scenarios Hands-on
  • Project Implementation

Salesforce Integration

  • What and Why Integration
  • Integration Terminologies
  • What is Web Services
  • Integration Patterns and Approaches
  • Remote Site Setting, Named Credential
  • External Credential, Connected App
  • Configure Postman and API Testing
  • Apex Rest Services, Apex Callouts
  • Streaming API
  • Platform Events
  • Change Data Capture
  • Callout using Flow Builder
  • Salesforce Connect
  • Extenal Objects and Relationship
  • Connect two Salesforce Org using REST API
  • Connect two Salesforce Org using Salesforce Connect

Salesforce OmniStudio

  • Introduction to OmniStudio
  • Data Raptor - Turbo Extract, Extract, Transform, Load
  • Integration Procedures (IP)
  • OmniScript
  • FlexCard
  • Developer Experience Layer - IDX Workbench
  • 50+ Hands-on Scenarios
  • Project Implementation
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Mentor: Sanjay Gupta (17+ yrs. of Education and IT Industry Experience)

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